John Abraham paid less than female counterparts?


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The topic of pay disparity has been around for some time with actors on the whole being paid more than actresses. However, one actor who begs to differ is John Abraham who has recently said he�۪s been paid less than his heroines sometimes.

Bollywood Life quote the actor divulging, ���When I produce I get paid nothing. That�۪s sexism man. I mean I get paid lesser than the heroines sometimes. Mostly I don�۪t have a different take on that but I believe you should always cut the cloth according to the length and I believe sometimes I am paid enormously more than anybody around and sometimes I am paid way less than everybody around and I think with each film its different so you can�۪t really generalise it like and say we are paid more or they get paid less. There are certain productions that I do where I know the heroine gets paid and I haven�۪t got paid. Why? Because it�۪s my production. Now how you gonna segregate that and talk about that and probably if the film doesn�۪t make money I won�۪t get paid right. So in a situataton like that I don�۪t get paid but the heroine gets paid. In a democratic set up even a woman has the right to ask for the money she thinks she deserves and if she doesn�۪t get the money, she shouldn�۪t do it. And if she doesn�۪t do it, there will be no sexism.�۝

Abraham�۪s next production is ��Rocky Handsome�۪ in which he is also male lead.

It releases later this month.

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