John Abraham calls awards “a joke”

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


John Abraham

John Abraham almost follows in the footsteps of Aamir Khan and Kangna Ranaut who choose not to attend awards functions. The actor has recently called awards “a joke”.

During a ‘Dishoom’ promotional event, Abraham and co-star Varun Dhawan disagreed about awards. Abraham is quoted by Deccan Chronicle, “I never go for awards functions. I don�۪t want any awards. They�۪ve become a joke. I don�۪t think going for award functions is wrong, but I can�۪t do it”.

He went on to say that he also doesn’t really want to be seen doing performances for awards functions, “I can�۪t dance on stage for 500 people; I can�۪t dance at functions. I�۪ve heard how people talk about actors who perform on stage. Performing at these award functions would make me feel like a monkey”.

Abraham also spoke about being part of the rat race, so to speak, “I don�۪t look at the work other people do; I concentrate on my own work. I don�۪t go to parties and I sleep by 9.30 pm. I meet some of my friends from the film industry when they�۪re coming home after a party while I�۪m on my morning jog. The beauty of this industry is in its acceptance”.

‘Dishoom’ released on 29th July.