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John Abraham acquires ‘Force’ franchise; set for ‘Force 3’

John Abraham has reportedly acquired the franchise of his film ‘Force’ and is said to be gearing up for work on ‘Force 3’.

The film’s rights, which previously belonged to Vipul Shah, have been transferred to Abraham.

A source said, “John Abraham has acquired all the rights to the Force franchise from Vipul Shah and is all gearing up to take things to the next level on the action front. The actor is on a mission to lock a story that does justice to the kind of action spectacle he wishes to create in the universe of Force. Once the script is locked, his team will proceed to other aspect of pre-production.”

Shah took to social media to confirm the developments. He said, “Congratulations and all the best to John. It’s a very special brand and we wish he takes it to great heights. It’s been a pleasure making both Force instalments as a superhit franchise with John.”