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Jay Sean @ 40: Revisiting & celebrating the very best of his music

The global sensation that is Jay Sean launched his solo music career in 2004 changing the landscape of the music scene to a whole new level by introducing a fusion of R&B, Hip hop and South Asian sounds. It was also a defining moment to see a British Asian artist in mainstream music which probably seemed unimaginable at the time. Since then, Sean has taken the world by storm working with some of the biggest names in the industry here in the UK, America and India. As an artist he continues to be an inspiration to many.

To celebrate Jay Sean’s 40th birthday on 26th March, looks back at six of the greatest hits (though there are many) that have rocked our airwaves.

Dance With You (2003)
As soon as the intro drops with the iconic flute notes you can’t help but hum or whistle along before Sean comes in and starts delivering his lines, showcasing how versatile he was from the get-go. Making his premiere with music producer, Rishi Rich and singer Juggy D in 2003; marking the birth of the Rishi Rich Project, this track featured on his debut album ‘Me Against Myself’ and the single reached number 12 in the UK charts. This particular single remains a classic that will forever be for many, the initial introduction to Sean and the Rishi Rich Project.

Eyes on You (2004)
This was Sean’s first solo single from the aforementioned album and became another instant chart-topper, entering in at number 10. Still in-keeping with the R&B-pop-desi vibes, the simple verses made for a catchy single. And how can we forget the music video that featured the streets of Southall, UK, putting the suburban town firmly on the map.

Stolen (2004)
Okay it would be wrong not to include this one, then again, we could do a whole feature on the first album alone! Describing the angst of a guy who has had his heart broken but still yearns for his lost love, Stolen in comparison to the first two releases is much more mellow and you can hear the melancholy within the lyrics. Sampling a snippet from the famous 70’s hit Chura Liya He Tumne Jo Dil Ko blended in perfectly with the track, giving it a different dimension altogether. And with the glamorous Bipasha Basu Singh Grover starring in the music video, what’s not to like?

Ride It (2007)
Having been away from the music scene for a few years, Sean made his comeback with Ride It from his second album My Own Way, emerging with a new soulful rhythm and a new image to go with it. Ride It was a hugely popular track which led to Sean receiving nominations for Best UK Male and Best R&B and Soul categories at the MOBO Awards. In 2019 Ride It was reprised by DJ Regard from Kosovo and has since become quite the club anthem.

Tonight (2009)
Another floor filler from the album ‘My Own Way’, but this was also Sean’s first single with American record label Cash Money Records. This was a massive dream come true for Sean to break into the American music industry and to make his mark; fair to say he did exactly that! Sean released a further two tracks with the record label, Down which topped the Billboard 100 and Hit The Lights another successful upbeat number, both of which featured American rapper Lil Wayne.

Sean also went on to collaborate with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Sean Paul, Lil Jon and Pitbull.

Nakhre (2020)
And last but not least, Nakhre. Fans were super excited when it was announced that Sean was reuniting with Rich. Coming full circle from when Eyes On You was first released, Nakhre had nostalgic sounds flowing throughout the track that were familiar to Rishi Rich Project fans. The music video was shot in New Jersey, USA, and Sean even wowed us when he sang in Punjabi – something he’d never done before.

So, go on dust off your CD (remember those!) or stream on your preferred digital music platform and get your dancing shoes on and have a boogie. would like to wish Jay Sean a very happy 40th birthday.