Jassi Singh announces new single ‘Haters’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Jassi Singh releases new single 'Haters'
Jassi Singh releases new single 'Haters'

Punjabi Rapper Jassi Singh from Queens New York is set to release his new single titled ��Haters�۪ on Thursday 17th May on E3NA Records.

The new single touches on the hostile subject of ��Haters�۪. According to a press release, “There�۪s always somebody. No matter how well you think you�۪re doing, there�۪s always someone who trying to put you down. The single ��Haters�۪ sees Jassi Singh highlight his love of hip hop and Punjabi music on parallel levels, embarking on a lyrical quest to take on the haters in the music industry.”

Jassi Singh has been busy over the last few months writing for some of the biggest acts in the scene, penning the critically acclaimed ��Rangeeleh�۪ by Gupsy Aujla and Saini Surinder. The industry will also see several more songs written by Jassi Singh in the coming months.

The dialogues and lyrics of ��Haters�۪ have all been formed from his own experiences; from feelings in his heart to events that he has lived through and his surrounding atmosphere.

“Iss duniya de vich lok matlabi..miley changey v ne kayi miley galat v..uth janda aitbaar inna loka utho jad kar jande vaar ehe pith pisho..gallan mitiya de naal pela thagde ne..fer leh k sahara aggey vad de ne..muh te mithey par andro ta sarde c..bara paji paji pela saleh karde c,” Lyrics taken from the forthcoming single ��Haters�۪

Jassi�۪s hard-hitting lyrics are balanced by a classic hip-hop beat and guest appearance from fellow rapper Lance Hayes. ��Haters�۪ features production from producer Soni Paul who has worked on Jassi Singh�۪s debut single ��Dreams�۪.

Haters will see its release via iTunes on the Thursday 17th May 2012 worldwide on iTunes and Amazon on E3NA Records