Jalsha Movies to premiere ‘Fidaa’ in India

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Jalsha Movies is all set to host the Mega World TV Premier ‘Fidaa’ this Sunday. ‘Fidaa’ showcases the innocent romantic equation between heartthrob actor Yash Dasgupta and debutant Actress Sanjana Banerjee in the lead roles.

The story explores the lives of Ishaan (Yash Dasgupta) and Khushi (Sanjana Banerjee) – two different individuals, with different perspectives on love, life and philosophies. They met each other during college in India but got separated due to misunderstandings. Ishaan chanced to meet her again during his professional stint in London. Will this chance encounter rekindle their relationship or will their ego come in the way?

Barely 100 days from it’s release ‘Fidaa’ will be premiered on Bengal’s Biggest Movie Hall – Jalsha
Movies for the first time giving opportunity to 5.7 crore viewers to watch the movie at a time. Jalsha
Movies in its continuous endeavour to bring latest and biggest blockbusters to the viewers of Bengali
Movies once again brings a fresh release.