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Jacqueline Fernandez undergoing pilate training for ‘Dishoom’ & ‘A Flying Jatt’

Jacqueline Fernandez 1

Jacqueline Fernandez who has an exciting line-up of films including ‘Dishoom’ with Varun Dhawan and John Abraham and ‘A Flying Jatt’ with Tiger Shroff, has been training for both films for the last eight months with Pilates expert Namrata Purohit, who at 21 is the youngest Pilates instructor in the world and can now perform stunts upside down with ease.

Fernandez told Absolute India, “I wanted to shrink, get toned and stay that way all through the year. John and Varun are both really fit and I want to keep up with them. They’re both serious about fitness and keep competing over abs and biceps though we talk about food constantly.”

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