Sajid - Jacqueline split

Sajid Khan meets girlfriend Jacqueline's parents
Sajid Khan meets girlfriend Jacqueline's parents

Whilst it was recently announced that Jacqueline Fernandez had met the parents of boyfriend Sajid Khan, rumour has it that the actress is started to have second thoughts about the relationship.

News has it that Fernandez want’s to concentrate on her career as an actress befor settling down. NDTVreported a source stating, “She is in no mood to settle down anytime in the near future. Last October, there was buzz that Sajid had met Jacqueline’s parents and marriage was on their minds. But she does not want to tie the knot and instead is keen to make a mark in B-Town.”

Despite thinking of a break-up, Fernandez doesn’t want to leave the relationship on a bad note, however this may prove rather difficult, as the source goes on to add, “What is making it difficult for her is that both she and Sajid now have a circle of common friends. In fact her business matters are also looked after by a person who Sajid recommended!”

Problems seemed to have risen in the couple’s relationship earlier this year, where they haven’t been spotted as much as before together, “In the past there were issues when Sajid became protective about Jacqueline telling her what films she should be a part of and not. She feels he is extremely possessive and controlling. But she has clearly been telling her friends that she does not know for how long this can go on. She is unsure of a future together with him.” Of this carries on, it looks like this couple won’t be lasting that much longer.