Jacqueline Fernandez: “Entering Bollywood pretty much happened by chance”


Jacqueline Fernandez made her writing debut with an inspiring article in honour of International Women’s Day.

In the blog, posted on RawPressery.com, Fernandez shared what drove her to be an entertainer. “Since a very young age, I’ve always dreamt of being an entertainer, in fact, I was the family’s ‘Jack’ of all and master of one, no puns intended! When I set my mind to it and realised how much I enjoyed entertaining people through storytelling, making everyone around me burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter, or engage with emotions through dialogue I knew I wanted to be a performer.”

However, Bollywood was never her goal. “Entering Bollywood pretty much happened by chance. In Bollywood, it’s not just about entertaining, but also an artistic form of expression through dance, acting and dialogue that has the potential to stir thousands of emotions. Your audience relates to you, lives the character through you. All the strength to live up to my dream of being an entertainer has come from constantly growing as a performer and to focus on my strengths. It might sound a little too good to be true as you read, but believe me, once you start living by it, you’ll feel the difference yourself.”, she told Hindustan Times.

While Fernandez values her family’s support, she also emphasized that believing in herself ultimately helped her face the ups and downs of her career. “In all my trying times, during the initial stages when I was unfamiliar with this vibrant city, that I now call home, or during my first stint in acting; I’ve always believed in my abilities and that really has made all the difference. It still astonishes me, how such a small change is able to get you through an entire trial and error phase and, put you right in front of your goals, however lofty they may be.”

Fernandez is preparing for an action-packed 2018 with her upcoming films ‘Drive’ and ‘Race 3’.

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