Jacqueline Fernandez all geared up for debut Netflix series ‘Mrs Serial Killer’

Shyama Sudra



As more big names are finding success with online viewing platforms, it won’t be long until they are all a part of projects that won’t be for the big screen. One actress who is jumping on this bandwagon is Jacqueline Fernandez, who will soon be seen in Farah Khan’s ‘Mrs Serial Killer.

Talking about her debut with Netflix, Asian Age reports the actress stating, “It’s new territory for me. I am working on Mrs. Serial Killer for now and it is a digital platform; it is not something I am used to. I am used to Fridays and cinema halls, so this is a new and interesting space for me. The fact is that this seems to be the future as well and a new emerging platform for films.”

“It doesn’t change anything about what you do; we are still working as actors and working with a similar team, and only the platform changes. But it’s lovely to see that because of digital, it reaches out to more people. There is so much new content and talent being discovered,” she went on to say.

Set to release on Netflix later this year, ‘Mrs Serial Killer’ will be directed by Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder.

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