Iulia Vantur: “I love Indian culture & the warmth of its people”


Rumours of her relationship with Salman Khan have made Romanian TV star Iulia Vantur the talk of the town. Though neither have confirmed or denied the reports, often being snapped together has only added fuel to the fire. Apart from her rapport with Khan though, Vantur seems to have become accustomed to life in India.

In a candid interview with a leading daily, Vantur spoke about how she felt about the country. “It’s beautiful. It’s a challenging experience for me because I have to learn so many things. But I enjoy all this learning process and I love Indian culture and the warmth of its people. There are so many good things. And I think it’s a life-changing experience for me. Living in a different country with a different mentality is not easy. Of course, there are quite a few similarities, in the way we girls grew up, for instance,” Times of India report Vantur expressing.

She went on to say, “The fact that the bonding of the family is so strong. You know, the kids are not just living somewhere away from their parents and they still keep that bonding. And I think that’s very important because that gives you that stability in life, that base because there’s nothing more important than having your dear ones near you, right? When you feel weak, when you have your downs, if you have your family next to you, if you have a brother-sister, I think it’s amazing. I’m the only child so I understand even more and I appreciate it even more what it means to have close bonds and relationships.”

Avoiding mentioning a romantic relationship, Vantur also spoke about the friends she has made and how much she has taken on from Khan and his family. “It means a lot to have good friends and good people around you. India is more about bonds because I have met such amazing people, such beautiful people. That was my luck to find good friends. That made me fall in love with India even more. Because of the people I’ve met. I discovered so many beautiful things because of these people. It feels good to have someone who can teach you things about the culture, who can show you another world, right? Salman’s family for instance, it’s such a beautiful family, it’s perfect,” she expressed.

“They are an example for everyone to follow. And the amount of good work they do, every single day. Not just feeding people, they help people in whatever way they can. Medical camps, and so many ways that they all help anyone they feel needs it. No one knows how many people are helped by them every single day,” she added.

When asked about being connected to Khan, Vantur stated, “People can put labels, we tend to do these things. But after some time I think, we remove that label and we see the person. So I would like people to know me Iulia, as I am, without these labels.”

Regardless of her status with Khan, it’s fair to say Vantur seems to be very in love with India, its culture and its people.

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