ITV to bid for Channel 4?

BizAsia Correspondent



With the government set to put Channel 4 up for sale, it now seems a number of broadcasting giants are gearing up to bid for the terrestrial service.

The Telegraph reports that ITV has expressed interest in bidding for Channel and has already taken advice from its main banker Credit Suisse. As well as ITV, it seems Netflix, Amazon, Comcast and Paramount could be in the running to bid for Channel 4.

A source told the publication, “The best bet for the UK is that ITV and Channel 4 combine so the nation has one strong commercial public service broadcaster.

“A merger of ITV and Channel 4’s streaming services would create a much more substantial player in the digital space. It would double in size and be classed as a proper contender to the Americans.

“Ultimately, it would ensure that there is another large party other than the BBC that would continue to make British programming.”