‘Ishqbaaaz’ & ‘Dil Boley Oberoi’ to merge into one show

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Star Plus’ popular shows ‘Ishqbaaaz’ and ‘Dil Boley Oberoi’ will be merged into one show in July, its been confirmed.

Gul Khan, producer of the two shows told BizAsiaLive.com that the change will see a re-focus on the three Oberoi brothers. She said, “We will still a lot Rudra and Omkara from 10:30 to 11:00 but this time with a lot of bromance included. Both shows need each other and we’re increasing 3 brothers bromance.”

It seems to be a strategic decision to retain viewership on the channel. Some viewers switch off after the telecast of ‘Ishqbaaaz’ and thus TRPs of ‘Dil Boley Oberoi’ take an impact. With the new tweaks, it is believed ‘Ishqbaaaz’ will become a stronger show fused with romance and bromance.

The change takes place from Monday 10th July.