Pallavi Sharda

Pallavi Sharda avoiding Ranbir Kapoor?
Pallavi Sharda avoiding Ranbir Kapoor?

‘Besharam’ will be introducing Pallavi Sharda to Bollywood. However, at a recent event for the film, the actress was nowhere to be seen. Her absence has cause rumours to surface that she had stayed away due to Ranbir Kapoor’s presence, adding more fiuel to their sharing ‘cold vibes’ reports earlier this week.

When quizzed about why the actress was not around for the event, a member of crew from the film’s unit said , as quoted by Mid-Day, “Both Ranbir and Pallavi were shooting for a song in Film City the whole day. Since their shoot went on for long, the timing for the event too was pushed back thrice. Finally it started very late around 11 pm. Just before the event, Pallavi told the crew she was too tired to attend. Also, she didn۪t hav enough time to get ready for the launch”.

In contrast, a close friend of Sharda’s commented, “That۪s not true. Pallavi and the rest of the cast were never supposed to be part of this function…She is a newcomer and she can never give such bizarre excuses.Perhaps, this was their way of organising an event exclusively for him”.

‘Besharam’ is slated for release on 2nd October.