Irrfan Khan’s two films still pending release

Anil Bharath



The demise of Irrfan Khan has left fans, family and friends saddened and shocked. Leaving behind a treasure of great films, there are still some yet to be seen and will reportedly hit the big screen once the coronavirus lockdown ends.

Directed by Prakash Bhalekar, ‘Apno Se Bewafai’ was scheduled to release on the 2nd of April, 2020. Box Office Worldwide reports Bhalekar saying, “We don’t have an idea yet. I guess the lock-down in Maharashtra is going to be extended till 18th May. Maybe after that. We will have some information from the 4th or 5th of May.”

Another project that has been left with Khan’s absence is Anup Singh’s ‘The Song of Scorpions’.

“I believe as an actor he comes to a role in the same way that a refugee comes to a new country. Just like a refugee, Irrfan seeks to understand the complexities of the new circumstances and his relationship with it and his own growth within the new space. That is what makes him the immensely innovative actor that he is. For instance, let me tell you about how he learned for himself to speak the Punjabi dialogue of Qissa and developed his approach to the character of Umber Singh. At one point, Irrfan stopped learning the lines by rote. He began to hum for himself the feeling of the scene. He would hum a phrase and then another, seeking the inner, hidden emotion of the character at that moment. And, then, slowly, he would allow the words to emerge within the music of the moment he had created for himself. His quest remained to find the lilt and the rhythm of the language and then the words would rise spontaneously, and authentic within the scene,” shared Singh.

‘The Song of Scorpions’ stars French actress-singer Golshifteh Farahani and the legendary Waheeda Rehman, alongside Khan.