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Irrfan Khan: “You know what’s worse than one’s fear of death?”

Fans are looking forward to seeing Irrfan Khan return to the big screen with ‘Angrezi Medium’ this Friday (13th March). Khan spoke about the film and how he can relate to the storyline.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Khan opens up about his outlook in life following his diagnosis with neuroendocrine cancer, and says a combination of humour and optimism has been his formula to get through the challenging times, “You know what’s worse than one’s fear of death? To live and be dead. I relate to everything which works against the odds. I have faith in miracles and I have faith in obtaining the unattainable with undying spirit. And the father in this film represents that undying spirit.”

Asked if this has changed his perspective about life, the ‘Blackmail’ (2018) actor said, “Of course, it has, it’s the micro mechanism of life you touch now. You have looked at life with a new relaxed eye without hurry and anxiety. At least, that’s what I try. There is this realisation that perhaps you don’t control a thing. The time with a capital ‘T’ has become magnetic and wondrous.”

Talking about his relationship with his sons and family, Khan reveals he spends as much time as he can when in India and believes his parenting style has paid off, “I am spending all my time with them whenever I am in India. They have bloomed and are blooming. I have discovered also how my unconventional parenting has finally paid off. I have never been a strict father and just loved them unconditionally and that’s the mantra. I have consciously cultivated no-expectation policy from my children, and that makes us all happy.”

Reflecting back on how he used to view cinema and what acting means to him, Khan feels it’s useless to worry about releasing a film on a Friday, “Once upon a time, a very young Irrfan wanted to have name, fame and money. But slowly it changed to stories (that needed) to be told, moments to be lived, memories to be with you, immaterial of material things. This Friday release is a burden we have been carrying on our shoulders for far too long. The success of a film is never a single factor. Yes, one can’t deny the repercussions. But at the end of the day, after a film is released, can you change a thing? No. Then, we all must learn to live with it and not die of anxiety.”

Directed by Homi Adajania, ‘Angrezi Medium’ also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Radhika Madan.