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Interview: Neev talks about being top Asian radio presenter in UK

Neev - The UK's most listened to Asian radio presenter
Neev - The UK's most listened to Asian radio presenter

Since the last official radio listening figures were released earlier this month, British Asian presenter, Neev has been celebrating with record high figures for her shows on Dance and R’n’B station, Kiss FM – Making her the most listened to Asian radio presenter in the UK.

BizAsia caught up with the sassy and super talented broadcaster and spoke to her about her record-breaking run in the UK radio industry.

Congrats on the success of RAJAR, how does it feel to be the most listened to Asian female radio presenter on the UK?
Thank you! It feels incredible! I�۪m so blown away with the results.. I�۪ve been in radio for so many years now but the fact that the show constantly builds and reaches out to these kind of numbers astounds me. Being the only Asian on prime time daytime radio is such achievement and being a female on top of that makes me very proud. Things are changing and I get to be play a big part in that..

You’re doing three shows at the moment on Kiss, tell us about these and how are you managing them all in your hectic schedule?
Well in fact I do more as I now cover Kiss Breakfast and Drive time with my co host AJ! You know us Asians we work damn hard and I am a woman after all.. multi taking is in the blood!

What do you think it is that has clicked so well with listeners and made your show such a success?
I�۪m just me.. I�۪ve never changed and I�۪m very natural. I talk to them not down to them. I’m a very grounded person I don�۪t ever take blessings in life for granted and I guess that brings out a certain amount of humility that my listeners like. I’m pretty amusing too and quirky!

Others Asian presenters are claiming that they have the most successful shows on UK radio, what’s your take on this?
Well listen everyone should work hard and be proud of their achievements but you gotta know the facts.. My results speak for themselves.. These stats are not just from now but from the last few years constantly building.. my position in the industry has always been there if people want to disregard me because I�۪m not on Asian radio then fair enough but I�۪m trying to break barriers here and fighting against the biggest stations in the country. If my weekly listeners add up double the entire listenership of an entire Asian station how can they even state something like that? It�۪s absurd!

What do you think about the personalities on UK Asian radio? Are you friends with any of them?
I have a lot of respect from a lot of the people that I worked with for years such as Bobby Friction, Nihal, Rishi some of the guys from Sunrise Radio, Asian Star, Westsidefm and Asian Network – yes I worked at all of these stations! A lot of them recognise me achievements and congratulate me on them as I do to them. Sadly I get the coldest treatment from the other female DJs and presenters which I truly think is a shame.

What do you think of the state of UK Asian radio?
I think it hasn�۪t changed dramatically really since I was there in the early 2000s. I think it serves a purpose and people enjoy what it has to offer. I would rather that it integrated more and appealed to a modern British Asian. I�۪m Sikh and proud of it. I’m very very close to my family and my heritage but I don�۪t talk about it non stop because I’m also totally British. You wouldn�۪t even know I was Asian if you listened to me or heard me DJ in a club but that doesn�۪t mean I’m not similar to you. In fact we are more alike then people think.. Maybe I was to plug into some Talvin Singh on my tube ride into work and then hear Juggy�۪s latest track in the gym but then rave it out in my car to some DJ Fresh.. We are not definable as British Asians and I hate that we have to be. Asian radio did fantastic things for me in my early career giving me opportunities that I couldn�۪t get elsewhere but even then I was being pigeonholed but mainstream radio.. but not being offered work on their stations.. It should have simply been about my talent nothing else.

Would you ever consider doing the odd show on UK Asian radio or is that completely behind you?
I would yes but perhaps a show that was based on similar music that I used to DJ for the Rishi Rich project on Kiss FM. A ,mixture of genres and world music. I�۪m sure one day I will never say never!

Beside radio, you’re huge on the UK clubbing scene, how is that going?
Last year my goal was to DJ every single weekend and that actually pretty much happened.. I loved every second of it but traveling the country alongside maintaining these kind of big radio results really took it out of me. My Ibiza residency was the highlight of my DJ career so far and flying out there 4 times last summer was simply amazing.. Kisstory was a massive part of my life too as I’m a resident headliner and I will be performing all across the year too just look out for me at a club near you!

You’re quite a fashion icon too, is it difficult to stay in the spotlight looking good all the time?
Ha well thank you! I actually have some amazing brands that help me look my best. Marco Aldany for hair, Lipsy for dresses and Illamasqua for makeup so I literally have to thank my team. I actually work really hard on my fitness and forever try to improve myself physically. It�۪s damn hard work but its worth it.

What does 2014 hold for Neev?
For me this year is all about stepping into the world of TV. It�۪s been my dream since I was a kid and I think I have done so much on radio now and as a DJ I can put big ticks against those elements of my life so now its about moving those goalposts and striving for something more.. I want to break the same barriers on commercial TV that I have broken on radio so wish me luck and watch this space!

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