In January, the BBC Asian Network’s new schedule was unveiled with popular presenter Adil Ray moving from the Drivetime slot to the covetted Breakfast show. spoke to Adil about the new change in his show and lifestyle…

How does it feel to be the BBC Asian Network’s new Breakfast host?

I feel like Spiderman. With power comes great responsibility. Not sure the team like my leotard suit though.

Tell us a bit about your new show?

Its very much like Drive but at 6am. Open to all. Music with stuff in the middle, characters, parodies and plenty of Dad jokes.

How has the response to your show been so far?

I have had great response from so many people; my mum, my aunties and the tax man especially.

What kind of impact has your lifestyle had since moving to the morning slot?

Well as anyone who knows me I was never one for going out. Just a quiet lad really. Read a bit of the great book at night and go to bed. Mills and them.

What’s the one thought that gets you out of bed in the mornings? Is it the money!! Go on you can be open with us!

Its normally the nudge from the right. A different nudge each morning may I add.

Your show has a very familiar sound, basically an Asian version of the Chris Moyles Show (on Radio One) with the ‘Cheesy Song’ at the start, jingles throughout and general presentation, was this a deliberate move or coincidental?

No, not a coincidence. I copy everything he does. I tried to eat ten burgers the other day. Not quite upto scratch. When ever I ask Chris what to do next he just says listen to Evans or Connell or Wogan…thats what he does.

You’ve been scouting for a partner whilst on-air? Any luck?!

No. I’ll have to keep Wax for now. If you can laugh and are cheap please get in touch.

Can you remember any embarassing goof-ups on-air whilst on Breakfast or Drive?

I think I once complimented a Himesh Reshammiya track. How embarrassing.

Tell us a bit about the REAL Adil Ray – what do you like doing off-air? Are you anything like the cheeky character you are on the radio?

No. Not at all. All I like doing is answering questions like this. I find them highly entertaining. Occasionally I may watch the 1992 cricket world cup final.

On your show, you play a wide-range of music, which is the genre you enjoy most and which is the one you dislike?

I do not dislike any genre of music. Just Himesh.

With Desi DNA not returning, are there plans for you to continue with any other TV projects?

‘Explore’ is a travel/unreported world type series I have been working on…but I hope there are lots of projects in this huge pipeline I keep hearing about.

What do you see yourself doing in ten years from now?

Reading this interview.

A message to all Adil fans…

I’d prefer to give a massage to Adil fans…

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