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‘Inshallah’ script to be changed post Salman Khan’s departure?

There’s been much speculation about the fate of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Inshallah’ after it was confirmed by the production house that the film has been stalled indefinitely. Salman Khan will no longer be featuring in the film and it’s being said that it could be because he had creative differences with the filmmaker. As such, the latest buzz suggests that the film’s current script will be changed, possibly to make way for someone new.

According to TOI, a source said, “A massive budget has been invested in the pre-production process of Inshallah. Hence, Bhansali is planning to continue with his magnum opus without Salman Khan. The filmmaker has decided to make a few changes to the script and make the project as planned. Alia will still be a part of the film but another actor will be roped in to replace Salman”.

There have been rumours that Shah Rukh Khan might step into the role but it may well be that another actor might bag the male lead too.

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