Indian version of ‘The Office’ set to stream on Hotstar

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Hotstar has announced the launch of popular British and American show ‘The Office’ adapted for Indian viewers.

The Indian version, written by Chirag Mahabal, Arshad Syed, Shruti Madan, Adhir Bhatt and Sumit Roy, is directed by Debbie Rao, Rohan Sippy and Bumpy.

‘The Office’, is about Jagdeep Chaddha, who as he becomes boss of paper Company Wilkins Chawla, in Delhi. It will star Mukul Chaddha, Gopal Dutt, Sayandeep Sengutpa, Samridhi Diwan, Gauhar Khan, Mallika Dua, Priyanka Trehan and Gavin Methalaka.

‘The Office’ will air on Hotstar, as a part of its originals brand, Hotstar Specials.