Indian Independence Day 2019: Well-known names touch on the occasion


India’s independence day is celebrated on the 15th August and Bollywood celebrities are always vocal on social media. caught up with some well-known names about the occasion and they gave their thoughts about the celebrations and the day’s significance.

Producer Anand Pandit: “This 15th August is very special. I feel the country is more complete and unified than it has ever been since 1947. A strong leadership with a clear vision for India is what I have always wanted in my leadership and I am glad I see that today. I have always felt pride in being Indian, today I am grateful for being one.”

Actress Dia Mirza: “15th August is the most important day in my calendar because it reminds me of the freedoms that I cherish and is a reminder of what my responsibilities are. I think today, more than any other time in our country’s history as an independent nation, is the fervent need to strengthen our democratic ideals and fight for our secular credentials. India is beautiful and plural. Let that never change. Let our plurality be celebrated and not questioned.”

Choreographer Ashley Lobo: “Independence Day to me signifies freedom. The freedom to live on your own terms. I see it as the day all of us in India got a chance to be who we are and enjoy the freedom of enjoying our own identity. As a dancer and independent choreographer, I have had a chance to work in different countries. Part of that is because of the rich exposure I enjoy in this country with its diversity and culture.
India is an unbelievable amalgamation of rich history and cultural nuances. That’s what I love about our country. Last year I took an international contemporary dance piece to Israel as a representation of the country and its culture. This kind of dance representing the country was a first. It was an honour and a huge surprise. This Independence Day, I salute this beautiful nation its forward thinking, its open mindedness and its ability to embrace all despite its diversity.”

Producer Siddharth Malhotra: “We are different but still one when it comes to saying those two beautiful words – Jai Hind. Every Independence Day I send a prayer of gratitude to the universe for being a citizen of this beautiful country. God bless India.”

Actor Shreyas Talpade: “Independence Day is a beautiful reminder of our freedom and the success of our freedom fighters who put in their heart, soul & loads of sacrifices to show us this day. Let us not forget that or take that for granted. Our culture and rich diversity makes us who we are and with every passing day, we are evolving as a nation. We must cherish our freedom, use it wisely and celebrate it. I am a proud Indian and honored to be one.”

Producer Nidhi Dutta: “Independence Day is a reminder of our freedom, our right to choose and dream to be the best we can be. It is our country’s birthday and we must celebrate it wherever we may be. It is a proud day for every Indian and it makes one want to be better for our country and contribute in the smallest way we can. The message of growth is the only message I have for our fellow Indians.” would like to wish readers a happy Indian Independence Day.

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