The Indian High Commission has complained to the BBC about Jeremy Clarkson, where he mocked India’s culture and people.

The Christmas edition of ‘Top Gear’ showed Clarkson making a string of jokes about the Indian food, clothes, toilets, trains and even the country’s history.

“We were disappointed in the programme and have lodged a protest with the BBC,” said an Indian diplomat working for the IHC.

“We are not amused. There was a strong sense of disappointment, not just here in the UK but back in India and also among our non-Indian friends as well.”

“We helped them with the programme in many ways, we facilitated them in a positive and good natured way. And now they have run down our history and culture.

“The BBC enjoys huge support and is greatly admired in India. I don’t think the BBC is endorsing that with this show and it is fair that it should be brought to their attention.”

A spokeswoman for ‘Top Gear’ said, “We have received a letter from the Indian High Commission. We will be responding directly to them in due course.”