India ratings: Headlines Today pushes ahead of rivals

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Headlines Today leads English news channels in India
Headlines Today leads English news channels in India

Aaj Tak’s sister English news channel, Headlines Today has surged ahead of old rivals NDTV 24×7 and CNN IBN, according to a report on Audience Matters.

In the core news TG of CS 24-44 AB Male, Headlines Today, leads as the leader of the pack with relative channel share of 26.7% (All India), 28.9% (All India 1 Mn +) and 30% (6 Metros) as per the latest Ratings (Source: TAM, TG: CS 25-44 AB MALE, Period: Wk 33’12, Share%).

The trend is quite promising even in the broad News TG of CS 25+M AB, the channel enjoys a channel share of 21.2% (6 Metros) and 22% (All India 1 Mn+) which is substantially ahead of NDTV 24×7 with 19.2% and 19.5% share respectively (Source: TAM, TG: CS 25+ AB MALE, Period: Wk 33’12, Share%). The channel has also been maintaining a minimum of two programmes in top 5 programmes of the genre for the past few weeks.

Commenting on the latest ratings, Mr. Ashish Bagga, CEO, India Today Group, said, “We are elated that our continuous effort has been appreciated by viewers across the country. Our endeavor to put across viewer centric content will be carried on with renewed creativity. This is just the beginning and Headlines Today is all set to become a strong leader in the space.”

In the UK, Headlines Today was previously available as a timesharing service with Aaj Tak but has been removed due to some legal issues. The channel is likely to return in the near future.