Star Life Ok

Star Life Ok
Star Life Ok

It was disappointing week for Hindi entertainment channels in India after they all lost eyeballs in the latest data supplied by TAM for Week 31.

There was no change in the pecking order with Star Plus continuing to maintain lead with 677 GTVMs (last week 709 TVM with 28.70% relative share).

ZEE TV stayed firm in second place with 438 GTVM while its relative share shot up to 18.71% (last week 439 TVM and 17.77% relative share).

Colors was down to with 375 GTVM with a relative share of 16.02% (last week 398 TVM with 16.11% relative share).

Star Life Ok was in fourth but lost most viewers this week. It delivered 311 GTVM and a relative share of 13.28% (last week 361 TVM and 14.62%).

Sony Entertainment Television Asia registered 275 GTVM with a relative share of 11.75% (last week 288 TVM and 11.66% relative share).

Sony SAB TV delivered 265 GTVM with a relative share of 11.32% (last week 275 TVM and 11.13% relative share).