In Video: ZEE5 Global announces direct release of ‘U-Turn’ with Alaya F

Azha Khan



ZEE5 has today released the trailer of their latest direct to digital film ‘U-Turn’. Helmed by Arif Khan, U-Turn is a supernatural thriller film that revolves around motorists who take a U-turn illegally and don’t realise that one U-Turn can change the course of your life. Produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ektaa R Kapooor’s – Balaji Telefilms Limited, the film features an ensemble cast – Alaya F, Priyanshu Painyuli, Rajesh Sharma, Aashim Gulati, Shreedhar Dubey, Sahil Takhi, Apoorva Suman amongst others. This intriguing movie will premiere on ZEE5 from 28th April 2023.

As seen in the trailer, ‘U-Turn’ is an edge of the seat thriller that chronicles the journey of Radhika essayed by Alaya, a dedicated intern working for a local newspaper. She is investigating multiple accidents that occur at a particular flyover. She derives a conclusion that motorists taking a U-turn are the route cause for this. Taking it upon herself, she starts dealing with motorists personally and address this issue. However, her investigation takes a dark turn when one of the U-turn riders is found dead and she becomes the prime suspect.

Sub-inspector Arjun Sinha played by Priyanshu Painyuli is involved to uncover the case. While in custody, the police uncover a more sinister connection. All those who have taken the U-turn have ended up dead, and there is strong evidence linking Radhika to these deaths. However, multiple supernatural occurrences entangle them into a dark web of secrets. Will inspector Sinha be able to solve this case, or will Radhika succeed in putting the missing pieces of the puzzle together?

Parvez Sheikh and Radhika Anand’s screenplay builds up the mystery and Anubhav Bansal’s cinematography makes it a gripping watch. With an under-lined message on road safety, this suspenseful thriller is unpredictable and will keep you piqued throughout!

Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 India said, “At ZEE5, we believe it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to entertain our audience. We have made a concerted effort to further enhance our content library with intriguing and compelling narratives. U-Turn is a fast-paced thriller with an eerie feel which will keep the audience hooked till the end. It has the perfect mix of mystery, drama and edge of the seat moments. We are confident it will be an enthralling experience for our viewers.”

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“As a storyteller, I have always been fascinated by the supernatural genre and U-Turn gave me the perfect opportunity to delve into this world. This film will take you on a thrilling ride, with unexpected twists and turns at every corner. Get ready for a spine-chilling experience like never before! I can’t wait for the audience to experience this film and be transported to a world of mystery, intrigue and trepidation.” – Ektaa R Kapoor – Joint Managing Director of Balaji Telefilms Limited

Alaya F said, “U-Turn is a supernatural thriller that will keep the audience on edge. Stepping into the shoes of my character, Radhika, was an incredible experience. She is curious and inquisitive just like me, but perhaps a lot braver! This is one of those characters that challenged me as an actor, but I learned so much through the process of shooting this film. It feels great to be a part of a story with an authentic and strong message – One U- Turn can cost your life. I am sure that the viewers are in for a lot of surprising elements in the movie. So, please don’t miss it!”

Director Arif Khan said, “Cinema is a reflection of the society and I feel it is one medium we must use responsibly. Besides mirroring what’s happening around, it solidifies perspective and brings about a change. U-Turn is an intriguing tale which endorses road safety along with a tightly woven plot, broody aesthetics, twists and turns that will surprise the viewers. While one gets engrossed in the story-line, Alaya impresses you with her stunning on-screen presence and gives life to Radhika Bakshi. I am grateful to Ektaa R Kapoor for her support & the vision on the film. Her passion for great scripts is evident in her choices and U-Turn is a testament to that. I want to thank my producers – Balaji Telefilms and ZEE5 for platforming this film.”