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In Video: Star Plus unveils first promo of ‘Udne Ki Aasha’

Star Plus has unveiled the promo of its upcoming original ‘Udne Ki Aasha’.

The show stars Kanwar Dhillon (Sachin) and Neha Hasora (Sailee). Star Plus will show ‘Udne Ki Aasha’ to depict the love saga of Sachin and Sailee and also the intricacies of the relationships and equations.

Ever since the announcement of the show, there has been excitement and anticipation among the audience about the show. Now the makers have dropped an interesting promo for the show, which takes us through the lives of Sachin and Sailee and how they tackle the situations that occur in their respective lives. On one side, Sailee is a person who knows the importance of responsibilities, on the other side, Sachin is carefree. The audience will also witness the marriage of Sachin and Sailee and how the two different-minded individuals decide to spend their lives together. It will be intriguing to witness how Sachin and Sailee deal with their emotional journey. Will Sachin and Sailee give each other wings to fly?

Neha Hasora, aka Sailee, from the Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha shares,” I am super excited about the promo, it is finally out. I am portraying the character of Sailee. Sailee is a hardworking girl who does every task diligently in order to support her family. Her family is her priority, as is her world. Sailee wants certain qualities in her husband, but she is destined to be with Sachin, who is the opposite of the man of her dreams. In order to attain perfection for the role of Sailee, I worked in the Marathi diction and learned how to make flower garlands, as Sailee is a florist. It is a different experience, and I am immensely grateful and blessed to be a part of the show. Get ready to witness the drama that unfolds in the lives of Sachin and Sailee in the Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha.”

Kanwar Dhillon, aka Sachin from the Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha, shares, “I am going to essay the character of Sachin; he has grown up in a different environment. Sachin is brought up by his grandmother, as his mother disapproves of him. Sachin has faced a lot of hardships. He is close to his father. Sachin does not believe in marriage and love, and he is carefree. Being raised in Mumbai, it was easy for me to learn the Marathi language and also give more authenticity to the character. Sachin’s role was destined, and I am truly blessed to portray him and be a part of the show. Udne Ki Aasha is a unique show with a distinctive plot that will surely keep the audience hooked on their television screens.”

Set in a Marathi backdrop, Star Plus shows Udne Ki Aasha to depict a wife’s emotional rollercoaster journey and how she transforms her reluctant husband into a responsible person, which at some level affects the family as a whole. Kanwar Dhillon essays the character of Sachin, who is a taxi driver, while Neha Harsora portrays the role of Sailee, a florist, in the show Udne Ki Aasha.

Produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary, ‘Udne Ki Aasha’ will soon air on Star Plus.

The show launches in March.