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In Video: Hemina Shah’s first-ever Hindi-Afrobeat track Temperature

British Indian singer Hemina Shah brings you the first-ever Hindi Afrobeat song in collaboration with popular Nigerian artist GCN. The track named ‘Temperature’ will be released worldwide on February 24th as part of GCN’s EP titled ‘Glossolalia”, which means ‘mother-tongue’.

“Temperature” is a mixture of Hindi, Yoruba and Pidgin English vocals with a catchy Afrobeat. “I’ve always been inspired by world music especially African music. So far I have been mixing old Bollywood cover songs with African beats to give it a completely different vibe. I was contacted by GCN to collaborate on the song and immediately fell in love with the beat. Within a couple of days, I wrote and recorded my part. His team absolutely loved it and the next thing I know it is mixed, mastered and ready for release! We shot a simple video which will also be released the same week.”

Along with Hemina’s fusion music, she has also been releasing Devotional music as well as conducting live virtual tribute sessions for families who have lost their loved ones.