In Video: First promo of Star Plus’ ‘Titli’ is out

Johar Deep



Star Plus has unveiled the first promo of its upcoming fiction ‘Titli’.

The show stars Neha Solanki and Avinash Mishra. Mishra plays the character of Garv opposite Solanki, ‘Titli’.

The audience will witness different shades of this character, ranging from a young aspirational woman to those of being emotionally vulnerable. The show ‘Titli’ is a twisted love story where a joyful and vibrant girl named ‘Titli’ is on a quest to find her ideal man and live a fairytale life with him. But will it be a happily ever after?

‘Titli’ believes to be optimistic and is eager to live her life with the man of her dreams. ‘Titli’ is a representation of a young lady with the aspirations to meet her ideal man, marry and live happily ever after with the man of her dreams. Titli’s dreams of marrying her prince charming are subtle and does not wish to marry someone like Shahrukh Khan, she feels ordinary can also be the defination of love.

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It can also be witnessed that while working in a flower shop, she has an encounter with Garv. It can also be seen what significance the butterfly holds in the the show and lives of Titli and Garv. Has Titli found the man of her dreams? Is This Love? Is Garv, Titli’s ideal man?

‘Titli’ is produced by Story Square Productions.