Round-up Review: 'Fukrey'

Animated jingle released for 'Fukrey'
Animated jingle released for 'Fukrey'

Excel Entertainment’s forthcoming male-bonding film, ‘Fukrey’, undoubtedly has an unconventional title. In an attempt to promote the movie and also make the title a little more easier to understand and pronounce, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar have released a jingle.

Written by Swanand Kirkire and composed by Ram Sampath, the animated jingle seeks to give guidelines or a recipe on how to be fukrey -that is colloquial for good-for-nothing or someone who’s perpetually broke.

Sidhwani told Times of India, “This is the language of the film. It’s the first time that a filmmaker is doing a jingle to promote the title. We were thinking of the best way to explain the meaning ofFukrey. And that’s when we came up with the idea of this jingle. In the digital world, animation works very well. We thought it would bea nice wayto introduce ourFukras. Ram is a renowned talent in jingles”.

Akhtar also spoke about the innovative way of marketing the movie, “Fukreyis a word that the people of Delhi and certain sections of North India are very familiar with. Of course, it is alien to a lot of us who are from elsewhere. Hence, the need to explain its meaning is important. Gettingan animated jingleseemed like a fun way to do it because it definitely captures the youthful energy of the film.”

‘Fukrey’ is slated for release on 14th June. Check out the jingle below.