In Video: Deep Money’s Tera Hoya Deewana featuring Adaa Khan & Hot Indians

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Deep Money is back with another peppy track ‘Tera Hoya Deewana’ produced by Vinod Bhanushali’s Hitz Music and starring Adaa Khan and Hot Indians. Together they bring to the audiences this fun dance song penned by NS Chauhan, sung and composed by Deep Money and directed by Stanley Menino D’Costa that promises to take you back to your school days.

Says Vinod Bhanushali, “Tera Hoya Deewana is another great track by Deep Money. The music video starring Adaa Khan and Hot Indians with its visuals and choreography really stands out and transports you to a younger time.”

Says Adaa Khan, “It was really fun shooting for this song and it took me back to my school days. ‘Tera Hoya Deewana’ is such a cute, peppy track that people of all age groups will enjoy it.”

Deep Money says, “There is a lot of contemporary Punjabi flavour in ‘Tera Hoya Deewana’. When you hear the song you will definitely feel like grooving along.”

Talking about the music video, Stanley Menino D’Costa says, “This music video is a blast from the past and we’ve captured innocent moments from school classrooms to the playgrounds.”

Vinod Bhanushali presents ‘Tera Hoya Deewana’ sung and composed by Deep Money. Featuring Adaa Khan and Hot Indians, the song is out now on Hitz Music’s YouTube channel.