In Video: BizAsia talks to Jay Sean & Rishi Rich about Nakhre


When caught up with Rishi Rich back in June to talk about his new record label ‘Break The Noise Records,’ one of the top questions from fans was when he would be back in the studio with Jay Sean.

Turns out they were one step ahead of the world all along. The iconic duo managed to find has some time in the producer’s studio in Mumbai before the coronavirus pandemic took over. And the end result of that is ‘Nakhre.’ Following the smash hit ‘Freak’ from 2015, this the first collaboration between the pair since the release of the classic ‘Eyes On You’ back in 2004.

‘Nakhre’ is a fresh, urban R&B song with a first time Punjabi hook delivered by Sean himself. The song and video also delivers many nostalgic throwbacks to Sean’s career and inspiration from the classic 90s Bollywood era.

In an exclusive chat with BizAsia’s Jeetesh Luhar, the duo talked further about the inspiration behind the video, the impact Sean’s career has had over a generation of fans, and what the world can expect from them in the future.