In Video: Asim Riaz raps with Jasmin Walia in new single Nights N Fights

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


‘Bom Diggy’ hitmaker Jasmin Walia is back with a brand new single ‘Nights N Fights’ collaborating with ‘Big Boss’ fame sensation Asim Riaz. Sung by Jasmin Walia and rapped by Asim Riaz, the track is a unique blend of urban pop sound with Hip hop and RnB.

Produced by Australian artist Tyron Hapi , known for his stupendous track ‘Astronaut in the ocean’ with over a billion streams along which topped Billboard charts at NO.1. Shot in the UK, the video of the song features Asim and Jasmin depicting the toxicity of a relationship and difficulties couples face with external influences.

Talking about her experience working on this song, Actor/singer Jasmin Walia comments, “It was a very fun project and an interesting collaboration for me. I was quite thrilled to put this all together and I’m glad it’s finally out there for the fans. This collaboration was a great opportunity for me musically to try something different to what I usually do. I worked on this beat with the producer who created Astronaut in the Ocean, a very urban/hip hop international sound while incorporating Asim’s style of music. It was fun working and shooting with Asim, his vibe made the whole process quite smooth and easy. Glad that we could make this happen!”

Asim Riaz comments,”I’m happy to be a part of this song as we have tried something new and everything fell in place perfectly. I loved the song the moment I heard it and completely enjoyed shooting in the UK with Jasmin. Can’t wait for my fans to hear it!”