In Video: Anooj Kapoor’s new track Yeh Romantic Song Hai

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Anooj Kapoor who helmed SAB TV channel for years together and with his creative vision launched many unique shows, is back with a bang with a beautiful romantic music video which is written, sung, composed, directed and produced by him. He has carved a niche for himself with his work and living by his motto ‘Differentiation through Innovation’ off-screen, but this project of his will see him in a different light as it marks his debut as an actor. Post lockdown period saw many releases of various songs but Yeh Romantic song hai different. How and why, let’s ask the captain of the ship.

Anooj Kapoor shares, “The special thing about Yeh Romantic Song Hai is the song & the storyline itself. the song is relevant, relatable and interesting for the consumers as it is an amalgamation of recurring pieces of Hindi romantic songs over the decades. The time has changed but the depiction of romance is the same yet each decade has its own charisma. With this song we have just tried to tap the beauty, innocence and romance of every decade. The entire experience of shooting has been very special, from discussions and planning to rehearsals and the pre-production phase and whatever we had thought and visualised, everything fell in place. This is our first venture and when you have poured your heart and soul into something, one feels glad to know that our hard work had entertained people and bought a smile on faces. I am overwhelmed and happy with the response we are getting from the fans as well as from the industry veterans. Good work is always good work, only when people appreciate and love it.”