In Pictures: Amira Masood return in ‘EastEnders’


Preeya Kalidas returns as Amira Masood on ‘EastEnders’ next week as she walks in to the engagement party of her estranged husband Syed and his lover Christian.

Amira has a shock waiting for Syed as she reveals to him that he’s the father of their daughter Yasmin. Initially, Syed does not believe Amira but soon realises that she’s telling the truth after looking at a picture of Yasmin on Amira’s phone.

On her return, Preeya said, “Her motives are that she knows that Syed has been in touch, and I think for her coming back to face the man who broke her heart, who I think she still loves. No matter how much pain she felt from the situation, I think deep down she still loves him. And, I don�۪t think she doesn�۪t want her daughter not to know her father, that�۪s really important for her. A little part of her thinks that her and Syed may end up back together ��� just a little glimmer of hope. I think she also has this idealistic view that they could become a family unit, which for her would be ideal. I�۪m very happy to be back, it�۪s been very busy, and I�۪ve had a lot going on, so I�۪m looking forward to everyone seeing what happens.”Watch Amira Masood’s return on ‘EastEnders’ in episodes to be aired from Monday 10th October on BBC One.

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