In Picture: Biggest ever Bollywood poster unveiled in UK

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Akshay Kumar has always tried different things when promoting his movies. He recently arrived for media interactions in Dubai on a jet ski and the innovativeness continues. BizAsia has learnt that the biggest ever Bollywood movie poster has been unveiled in none other than UK soil and that too for Kumar’s forthcoming movie, ‘Boss’.

According to Cambridge News, the poster is an impressive��3,234 sq m and weighs 1.3 tonnes. The poster was unravelled at Little Gransden Airfield last week and has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the biggest such poster in history.

Kirtsy Bennett,��Adjudicator, said, “The poster had to advertise a product, person or event, it also had to be one single piece and it had to be measured by a professional surveyor.��The poster is 3,234.31 metres squared ��� that is over 500 sq m larger than the poster which previously held this record”.

The poster, which was produced by a company called Macro Art, is making it’s way to Mumbai in a specially crafted crate. Talking about putting the poster together, Ben Seward, Project Manager at Macro Art, revealed, “More than 30 people were required to lay the poster out and to re-fold it after the new Guinness World Record had been achieved.”

In Picture: Biggest ever Bollywood movie poster unveiled in UK

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