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Imran Khan to star in Aamir Khan’s ‘Mahabharata’?

Imran Khan has been going through tough times personally and professionally. If reports are to be believed, his uncle Aamir Khan is hoping to get Khan back on track by offering him work in his upcoming project.

According to a source, the family is worried about Khan, which is why Aamir Khan has become more involved, “They’re very concerned about what’s happening with Imran. Aamir has decided to take stock of the situation. He is going to do something major with Imran,”, a source told Masala!.

Rumours suggest that Khan has been signed on as a main character in Aamir Khan’s ‘Mahabharata’ webseries. Not much is known about the role or the project, but the idea has been on Aamir’s radar for a while.

Recent reports have also mentioned that Khan will be directing cousin Zayn Marie Khan’s debut film, to be launch by Aamir Khan next year.