Imran Khan

Imran Khan praises 'Kochdaiyyaan'
Imran Khan

His climb to the top of the league board maybe slightly slow, but Imran Khan isn’t one to sit idol and let things just happen. Instead he is making things happen for himself, and it seems like scriptwriting maybe at the forefront of his interests.

Having studied film-making Khan is keen to pursue his passion for writing, asHindustan Times reported the actor expressing, “I feel writing is something I want to do. I feel encouraged to pursue that with every film I do and script I read. So, I will start writing soon.”

In the past, Khan has revealed how he would love to one day direct and even produce films. Talking about how he works, the actor went onto add, “I feel excited while working with other actors and directors. During the process, I don۪t just sit and listen to the director۪s narration of a scene, but talk about how the scene will be shot, staged and picturised.”

Knowing his craft is one thing, but proving he can succeed is another matter all together. Here’s hoping his next career role within the industry will bring him that much higher towards to top.