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Ieshaan Sehgaal: “The ones who bullied me in school now want to click pictures with me”

‘Bigg Boss 15’ fame Ieshaan Sehgaal is known for having one of the greatest physiques in the entertainment industry. The actor makes the internet go crazy every time he posts a picture or video of his physique.

To get a physique like Sehgaal, one has to have hardcore and intense workout routine. One does not build such a physique overnight and has to grow while going through a fitness journey. Talking about his fitness journey, he said, “I have been very passionate about my fitness since I was 16 and I have been regularly working out ever since. I was so skinny back then that I used to get bullied by the kids in my school, and now those same kids want to click pictures with me”

Sehgaal also buried the myth that gym guys can’t dance. The actor said “There is a misapprehension around having a muscular body that it makes a person stiff and unable to dance. I have been working out regularly for the past 11-12 years of my life and I have been dancing very often and that too with utmost ease.”

When asked if he would like to break the stereotype by participating in any dance show to which Sehgaal replied, “Of course, If I ever get a chance to participate in a dance reality show I would definitely use it to break the stereotype.” He concluded.

His fans have constantly loved him for his personality and his acting performances. His fans would definitely love to see his dancing side as well.