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IBC Tamil in trouble over inaccurate news broadcast

IBC Tamil, the digital radio broadcaster has been found in breach over inacuracies during a news report.

The media regulator Ofcom received a complaint about two separate news bulletins from Mr Rajasingham Jayadevan. The news items, aired in December 2012, referred to the complainant and he considered that they were ���highly�۝ partial. In addition, Rajasingham Jayadevan said that the news reports were inaccurate in that he stated that he had not ��� as stated in the programmes ��� been “arrested”, nor had he in the past handled money in a “fraudulent manner”.

Sathy Media, owners of the station, said that it never intended to “cause damage of any sort to Mr Jayadevan and if the broadcast has been perceived in such a way then IBC Tamil Radio offers to Mr Jayadevan to put right anything that he feels was wrong in coming on to the radio station or on the phone”.

Ofcom found the station in breach of Rule 5.1 and requested the Licensee to attend a meeting to explain its compliance procedures in relation to its news output.