Hum TV found to have exceeded ad airtime by Ofcom

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Hum TV Europe
Hum TV Europe

Hum TV Europe has been found to have exceeded commercial airtime on 21 different occasions in August by Ofcom.

Ofcom regulations state that ���time devoted to television advertising and teleshopping spots on any channel in any one hour must not exceed 12 minutes�۝.

Hum TV said that upon being alerted to the matter by Ofcom, its scheduling team, who it said are aware of the rules of COSTA, carried out a complete review of the process. The Licensee explained that an error occurred during the transition to a new software system. For the purposes of training staff to use the new system, ���test schedules�۝ were created. It said the test schedules were never intended to be used for broadcast and in some cases, purposely exceeded 12 minutes of advertising to check whether the new system picked up the additional minutage and prevented the schedule from being exported.

The channel said that ���glitches�۝ in the system were identified and testing continued until they were resolved. It also confirmed that its new system was now fully operational and that daily advertising ��as run�۪ logs are delivered to the general manager for review and checking.

Ofcom noted Hum TV’s explanation for the incidents and the measures it has undertaken to prevent a recurrence. However, given the significant number of incidents and the fact that many of the clock hours identified contained considerably more advertising than permitted, Ofcom was concerned that HUM Network did not appear to be aware of this problem until it was alerted to the matter by Ofcom.