Hum Gold acquires DM Global Sky EPG slot

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Hum Network has acquired the vacant Sky EPG slot from DM Global. understands that Hum Network has bought the EPG slot for its soon to launch service, Hum Gold.

DM Global, which vanished from TV screens last month, is said to have secured a huge deal with Hum Network for the coveted EPG 799 slot. However, the amount has not been revealed. Neither DM Global or Hum Network has confirmed the news but sources close to the broadcasters have.

It is believed that Hum Network was not the only broadcaster interested in the slot. However, Hum Network had the most attractive offer and trumped rival interests.

This signals the end of DM Global, which has been broadcasting on the Sky platform for many years. The courageous broadcaster that has dealt with its fair share of issues with both Ofcom, Sky and other channels, deterred its critics when it delivered BARB figures around the 250,000 mark. Whether the channel returns in the future in a different form, remains to be seen.

Hum Gold is expected to launch on Sky EPG 799 in August.