Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan to turn director?
Hrithik Roshan to turn director?

Hrithik Roshan could soon be turning director, if reports are to be believed today.

The actor who previously has worn the Editor’s hat by making final edits to an advert he starred in, is now toying with the idea of becoming director.

A friend of the star told Mid-Day, If you watch him on the sets, you will never see him sitting and chatting with anyone. He will always be doing his lines and remain aloof from everyone else. No surprises if he plans to soon get behind the cameras.۝

Another source points out, As far as his ad films are concerned, he is known to only give a go-ahead once he is happy with it. It even led to calling back an electronic gadget ad while a watch brand suffered a delay in its launch. Although he always does it for the better, ad makers take it into consideration before approaching him for a brand.۝