Hrithik Roshan to join Salman Khan for ‘Pathan’ cameo?

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor

1342 reported not long ago that Yash Raj Films was looking to create a spy universe and with ‘Pathan’ is seems this is well on its way. After news of Salman Khan as Tiger in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer doing the rounds, it’s thought that Hrithik Roshan may also be joining in for a special appearance.

According to a report in Filmfare, Roshan could be seen in a cameo to, in his ‘War’ (2019) character. He will apparently be joining Shah Rukh’s team of special agents in the film, much like Salman.

This is an exciting development and the thought of seeing all these actors together is definitely making ‘Pathan’ very appealing, if it wasn’t already.

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