'Bang Bang' stars Hrithik Roshan & Katrina Kaif

Hrithik Roshan is set to feature in Bollywood’s biggest ever action sequences in the much talked about Siddharth Anand movie ‘Bang Bang’.

Deccan Chronicle reports that the chase sequence involves Roshan driving a car, amongst 120 other cars in the same scene.

A source told Deccan Chronicle, It was shot in Abu Dhabi and the makers were very careful that the photographs of the chase sequence don۪t get leaked. It was a well-guarded shoot.۝

The report adds that Hollywood action director, Andy Armstrong was brought in to shoot the big scene, Before the actual filming, Hrithik did some dry runs of the car he was going to drive. Once he was comfortable with it, they started filming. All the cars from the shoot were hired from Abu Dhabi. But the car that Hrithik was using remains a mystery.۝