Hrithik Roshan on his divorce: ���It�۪s worse than losing someone to death�۝

Hrithik Roshan to turn director?
Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan, one would expect after such a turbulent year, would have changed as a person. Once a happily married man, he was going through the emotional stress of a separation and divorce almost at the same time as having brain surgery. However, if you ask him whether he�۪s transformed, he is adamant he hasn�۪t.

Roshan spoke to Filmfare and divulged, ���I did what we all should do in a situation like that. I understand that adversity is the gym for the mind. So when you�۪re going through an adversity, you have to tell yourself that this is a gym for my mental muscles. How do I make them strong? What can I do to change my environment? What are my resources? What can I use right now to fill myself up so much that I can be independently happy and not base my happiness on someone else? Once you ask those questions, you get the right answers and you�۪ve to pen them down and start planting those seeds. It�۪ll take time, you have to have patience. But soon the seeds will sprout and you�۪ll be sitting in that wonderful garden of yours, with all the blossomed flowers around you.�۝

Talking about dealing with being separated from Sussanne and recovering from life-threatening brain surgery at the same time, Roshan said, ���They told me I wouldn�۪t be able to work because of my surgery and because of the emotional stress I was going through because of the separation. (Pauses) It�۪s a fate worse than death. It�۪s worse than losing someone to death. Because in death you find a sense of closure. You know the person you love has died with love in his/her heart for you. But a separation is an entirely different kind of adversity��_�۝

Roshan also spoke about the success of his last offering ��Bang Bang�۪ (2014) which went against the critics, ���My objective has been achieved. So it�۪s okay if I haven�۪t been able to please every single person in the world. You can�۪t please everyone anyway. You respect their opinion. But you have to remember that an opinion is an opinion. It�۪s not the truth. My truth is what I live by. So I�۪m happy.�۝

He is going to be seen in Ashutosh Gowariker�۪s ��Mohenjo Daro�۪ next. Aboutt he project, Roshan stated, ���It�۪ll be fun because I enjoy doing things that aren�۪t conventional. When I signed Bang Bang!, it wasn�۪t something that was expected out of me. I love surprising myself and my audience. And Ashutosh Gowariker�۪s Mohenjo Daro is going to be a fantastic surprise.�۝

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