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Hrithik Roshan confirms ‘Krrish 4′ is on the horizon

Hrithik Roshan, star of the ‘Krrish’ franchise, is one of the main reasons the popular super-hero movies holds it own as the best of its genre in Bollywood. For a while, there has been a lot of speculation about ‘Krrish 4’ and reports now say the lockdown has given the Roshans the perfect opportunity to work on the project.

A source informed the media, “Rakesh ji and Hrithik, with their team of writers, have been brain-storming on how to take Krrish forward and have finally locked an idea. Jadoo has strong recall value and they felt that with Rohit Mehra dying in Krrish 3, it’d be the right time to introduce Krrish to the alien who gifted him his special powers.”

The father and son duo of Rakesh and Hrithik are working on the script and plan to start the film at the earliest opportunity possible. The source added, “They have been discussing the film’s scale, visuals and other technical aspects with experts in the West.”

Fans of Jadoo the alien can also get excited as Hrithik himself gave an elusive confirmation of the movie being made by saying, “Yes, the world can do with some Jaadu now.”

The last installment, ‘Krrish 3’ (20113) featured Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles alongside Hrithik and went on to be a commercial success.

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