Hrithik Roshan character dolls to be made

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Hrithik Roshan

Already having had a doll based on ‘Krrish’, apparently Hrithik Roshan will soon have other dolls that the replicate some other characters that he’s played.

According to��Hindustan Times, a toy company had contacted the actor and expressed how they would like to make dolls that replicate his characters from the films, ‘Dhoom 2’ (2006), ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ (2008) and ‘Bang Bang’ (2011) to name a few.

If reports are to be believed the Roshan being a collectables fan himself is quite excited about the idea. The toy company have also agreed to make the dolls all the same price, and affordable for all.

If Roshan agrees to the terms, then it seems all of his fans will be in for a treat.