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How TV celebrities will celebrate Christmas this year

From being Secret Santas to planning Christmas get-togethers, this is what these celebrities are doing for Christmas this year.

Nivedita Basu
I think Christmas and New Year are the best times of the year where you can travel without thinking twice. I definitely look forward to it because travelling lightens our mind. When you travel to different countries, it rejuvenates you. Everyone starts talking about their future plans as we come closer to the New Year. New Years are meant for fresh starts with new good plans for our personal goals and growth also.

Charrul Malik
This Christmas, I want to be with my sister Parul, my brother Gaurav and my dad. I am waiting for my US visa to come soon, but it is taking too long. I wish Santa would come and give me a visa in my hand so that I can really go very fast and meet my family. I had planned another holiday but then it got cancelled since I will need to shoot. However, I am sure we all will go for Christmas dinner and have fun. I will go shopping and have fun, no diet and a lot of good vibes and enjoy a lot.

Dr Aakash Sharma
If I get a chance to play Santa, I would like to give good food and clothes to the homeless children living on the street outside. I always celebrate Christmas with my close friends, so I will be doing that this year as well.

Ambuj Dixit

Ambuj Dixit
There is no gift in the world that can replicate the amount of support and help I have got from my parents. I excel in my profession because of my parent’s support and belief and I hope that I can make them proud with my work. The best gift I can give Secret Santa is to make my father and my late mother know that there are not enough words to express how grateful I am to them for everything they have done for me. That is the best gift I can ever think of giving my parents through Secret Santa. My Christmas plans would be made in a very spontaneous way, nothing is decided as of now. I think I will spend it with my friend Romeo and a few other friends, who I might go out for a few drinks and dinner with.

For me, this is a new start to life. A day when you believe that things need to change in life.

Ekta Sharma
I would want to be my daughter’s secret Santa every year and would try to fulfill her wishes so she believes that if you have faith wishes do come true and I would want to be a Secret Santa to my mom and dad if he would be alive with a gratitude note and say thank you for fulfilling my wishes on Christmas, I’m not star struck but would want to send Hrithik Roshan a heart shaped pillow or a heart shaped soft toy so that at least I could be his Secret Santa if nothing else as I have a major crush on him.

Aniruddh Dave
I think having a family would be a great idea, even though i’m hosting a celebration, but my family is flying down later to join me. Christmas in Goa has always been special, even the new years eve, “baaki toh kya hai, tareekh hi badal rahi hai”.. it’s just that the coming year should be better than the previous.

I would love to be my daughter’s secret Santa and give her all the things she can dream of! It’s called a ‘Secret’ Santa and therefore it’s best that the gift remains a secret, otherwise it defeats the purpose! This year, Christmas plans are around my kid and her best friends, who are now more family than friends and we will be celebrating together. Party with kids and plum cake from Merwaans and stuff.

Nikhil Nanda

Nikhil Nanda
The English New Year starts on the 31st of December, with wild, crazy parties that have never interested me. For me, this is a new start to life. A day when you believe that things need to change in life. You make resolutions to get up earlier, exercise, work harder, give more time to family, focus more on health, take a half yearly vacation…so on and so forth.

Subuhil Joshii

Subuhii Joshii
I am going to throw a small Christmas party for my very close friends at my house this year. Besides this, I love getting Christmas gifts for my pet.

Payal Panchal
As a tradition, I always hang a pair of socks outside the window on Christmas night and receive gifts from Santa. It started from chocolates, went on to a bag, the second time, a barbie doll the third time, at times, a new car! But after I grew up, I found that Mr. Santa was a fictional character throughout this time and it was my parents who turned out to be my Secret Santa. I want to be a Secret Santa for my parents and want to give them a house and want to see a big smile and pride on their face. On Christmas, I will give chocolates and gifts to poor children and celebrate with them.

Mitaali Nag
I would like to be Secret Santa for my mother. And I wish to gift her a new house as our existing house needs some repairs!
I am taking my little one to a celebrity Christmas bash happening at a mall, which is being hosted by one of my friends from the industry. It’s a half day event and I am excited to be a part of it in previous years if you have a picture with a Christmas Tree or Christmas cap or a picture in red.

Kate Sharma

Kate Sharma
Christmas is such an amazing festival. It is full of happiness and new hopes.
If I were a Secret Santa, I would want to give my mom unlimited gifts. As a single mother she had done so much hard work In her life still she is doing.
As a Secret Santa I wanna give her everything whatever she had missed in her life. Whatever makes her the happiest.