Hotstar to air original Malishka series

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Malishka host of new hotstar Originals show ��M Bole Toh�۪
Malishka host of new hotstar Originals show ��M Bole Toh�۪

Continuing to set a precedent as the market leader in the OTT segment in India, hotstar Originals is back with yet another innovation ��� ‘M Bole Toh’. Hosted by the effervescent Malishka, the talk show is created and available exclusively only to the ever-growing audience of hotstar. Kickstarting the series with ��Queen�۪ Kangana Ranaut and chocolate boy Imran Khan, the show offers quirky conversations between the three on topics ranging from relationships to marriage to what being ��good friends�۪ in the industry means.

With a reputation of being someone your mother warned you against, Malishka does her image no harm by talking celebrities into doing crazy things. During the 60-minute show, Malishka will be seen having juicy chats with stars who are compelled to share funny behind-the-scene anecdotes, pranks, insights into their personal lives and nudge them into spilling their most hidden secrets through gripping, fun conversations and games with healthy dollops of madness.

‘M Bole Toh’ will cater to the ever-growing demands of Bollywood fans who are always keen on knowing more and more about their favourite stars. Malishka makes her celebrity guests let their guards down, be themselves, break away from the monotony of repeating the same things they would during the promotions at other shows, and integrate their own personalities to play on the coolness quotient of the hotstar platform.

hotstar Originals refers to content created and designed exclusively for hotstar. Launched in February this year, hotstar is a digital platform with compelling content library of over 50,000 hours across sport, TV shows and movies in seven languages. With over 25 million downloads, the application has seen the fastest adoption of any mobile digital service in the world.

hotstar is fast becoming the digital partner of choice for Bollywood Movie producers for their digital promotion demands and needs. The platforms enables moviemakers reach out to the young, trendy audiences who spend more time on internet and mobile than traditional television.