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The forthcoming ‘Angrezi Medium’ will be Homi Adajania’s fourth offering as director and it’s one that many are already looking forward to. With Irrfan Khan back on the screens and Radhika Madan and Kareena Kapoor Khan adding to the mix, the film promises a light-hearted and family friendly tale about a father’s battle to raise funds for his daughter to attend university in London. caught up with Adajania ahead of the film’s release this week, currently scheduled for this coming Friday.

What would you say were your biggest challenges in making Angrezi Medium?
There were no big challenges but several small ones. We took each day at a time and by doing that something magical happened. We realised that investing in every moment one is in rather than stressing about the future is a very fulfilling way of being.

What did you particularly want to capture about London when shooting in the city?
I wanted to capture regular, real spaces that my characters inhabit. I didn’t want to pump up and present a hyper-real glitzy London like I had done in ‘Cocktail’.

How much did you personally decide to leave some comedy elements in the story which comes across as a heartwarming father-daughter story?
That’s how it was written from the start. For me, this film is a hilarious comedy with a soul.

Were you excited to have Kareena & Irrfan share the screen? What was it like watching them together performing?
It was brilliant. They are both extremely intuitive, and high caliber actors who fed off each other in scenes.

Do you think the film has turned out in reel exactly as you had expected?
That never happens. And I’m happy that doesn’t happen because it would make the journey rather boring. By the end of every film, I tend to forget what I had expected in the beginning of it. I’m not kidding, I just can’t remember, because the final film seems to be exactly what I think I had imagined but I know it’s not.

‘Angrezi Medium’ is slated for release on 13th March.